Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finding joy with postpartum chaos

Life has been....busy.  I am tired but it is definitely not as bad as it could be.  V has a pretty great schedule.  At night he goes down around 10pm and wakes at 2am for a feed and then again at 5 or 6am.  Definitely nothing to complain about.

A's transition has been getting better and the attitude is much improved with little slip ups here and there.  He is an excellent big brother to the new baby- if we can just keep on with being a good brother with everyone.

J is still absolutely in love with his brother and beams with joy while playing with him or simply laying by him.  Such sweet moments.

T has been amazingly helpful and has even been looking for a job.  He has applied many places but I think follow-up is an issue and believe that he would actually GET a job if he went and spoke to the management to show inititive.

So, now you have an update on the kids- all are doing well and the "hump" of the adjustments to the new little life with us is finally over, I think.

Despite having a new baby and working on family dynamics we have been getting back into the full swing of school and life with a routine. This has been my saving grace.  It did occur to me that alone I was not getting into the Word enough so on top of all that is going on, I also signed up for a Bible Study on James (Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore).  We have added this into our Thursday schedule.

This coming weekend we are going on our YoungLIVES retreat.  I am so excited to be able to fellowship with such amazing women, mamas and babies.  I am trusting that God has some great plans.  I am bringing baby V- this should be interesting!  God is in control, God is in control...

It seems that I only have about 8 weeks left of my maternity leave and my heart is feeling very unsettled.  I long to be at home with my family cooking and cleaning but I know that for right now my job is also to work.  This is a hard realization for me and I am praying that God would grant me
peace, since this is not my will but His at this time.  I am thankful to only work part-time and realize that I could be working more, so I do not complain (too much).  I just love this staying at home gig so much and honestly, I am really good at it!  Even my husband said that he loves when I am home full time- things get done go by the wayside when I am rushing school, cleaning, cooking and work.  That is it for now, friends.  I wish I was not updating on my iPad because then I could add some photos of our life happenings.  Until next time.....

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