Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Born of Spirit and Water

We did so many things in Mexico and I took over 1000 pictures. One of the best days there was baptizing the 2 younger boys. They had their own private ceremony and it was very special to celebrate this rite of passage with Egui's family. The party afterwards was so much fun- but those pictures are going to have to wait for another day.

Ari's padrinos: Marco y Lorena

Juan's padrinos: Fernando y Inez

The pictures are in no particular order because they uploaded funny. I am going to leave them this way, though, since I am unsure as how to fix them.


  1. Se ven muy bien todos!!! =D que lindo amiga!!

    1. Gracias amiga! Algun dia boy a subir las fotos de la fiesta. Estuvo super divertido!